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Integrative Therapy Guidelines


Below are links to Treatment Plans with Sound and Vibration for a wide range of issues.  Over the last 10 years students in our Sound Healing and Therapy Degree Program have had assignments to create treatment plans.  These are the best of the ideas that the students created.  We have also refined the treatment plans in our monthly meetings of the Medical Sound Association. 

The treatments plans are still a work in progress. If you would like to contribute any information to the treatment plan, email us and we will give you access to the Google Doc so you can make submissions.

We hope that these guidelines might inform and help refine treatments being performed by a wide range of Sound Healers and Therapists.

The plans are also designed to inspire professional therapists to incorporate sound into their practice.  Our goal is to ultimately refine the plans and submit them to the National Psychotherapy board for consideration to be taught in Institutes around the world. 

Treatment Plan Structure

Each treatment has the following sections:

Medical Details and Types
       – Information about the Issue – What the issue is
       – Causes – As much as is known 
       – Current Medical Treatments – To help inform the Sound Treatment plan
       – Types of People – Information that can seriously affect the type of treatment provide (eg: Level of Severity; Adults vs. Children; Strong vs. Fragile) 

Conceptual Framework 
Based on the information above, what is the basis of different aspects of the treatment plans.  What approaches with the sounds and music for what outcomes and why.  An overview of what we are trying to accomplish?

Safety Guidelines
What should practitioners be aware of.   What are the contraindications?  This is critical not only for safety, but in order to help bring these treatment modalities into the mainstream (hospitals and homes).

Intake Questions
General questions about the person and detailed questions about their issue and their relationship with it.  These questions are critical for determining which path to take in the treatment plan.

Sound Treatments
Detailed techniques using a wide range of sound and music, categorized based on the Conceptual Frameworks above.

Treatments other than Sound
Techniques that you might add to the treatment.  These techniques might also inspire new ways that you might also incorporate sound with them.

Ideas that the person can do on their own. 

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safety guidelines for instruments
– Voice
– Gongs
– Tibetan Bowls
– Crystal Bowls
– Tuning Forks
– Drums
– Technologies