Medical Sound Association

Association dedicated to developing guidelines on how to research Sounds and Vibrations for specific medical issues.

Our Mission

To Create Medical Treatments
with Sound and Vibration
that are Effective, Safe, and Affordable
ithout Negative Side Effects.

About Us

The Medical Sound Association is a group of over 600 doctors and sound therapists coming together to develop detailed guidelines for carrying out research using sound and music to cure every disease in the world and bring sound into the Medical side of hospitals.   All treatments will be performed by medical professionals.

The Association holds meetings bi-monthly to create treatment plans for common physical, mental and emotional issues. 
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Treatment Plans
The Website has posted detailed treatment plans for the following issues:
• ADD/ADHD   • Addiction   • Anxiety   • Grief   • Autism   • Cancer   • Dementia    • Pain   • PTSD   • Anger  • Schizophrenia
• Traumatic Brain Injuries   • Thyroid Issues   • Adrenal Issues   • Sleep

Over the last 10 years each semester students in our Degree Program have had to create treatment plans for each of the above issues. We have collated the best of them. The Medical Sound Association has also had meetings to refine and expand the treatment plans.  GO TO TREATMENT PLANS

Treatments Research Data
We have created an app on the website where anyone can enter the severity of symptoms (on a scale from 1-10) from a Sound Healing Treatment – before and after. The app then calculates the average percentage of reduction of symptoms from all the entries. You can search for a wide range of instruments (or voice) used in the treatment to see their effectiveness for a large variety of issues. You can find the WEB APP HERE.

The Medical Sound Association is part of the nonprofit Sound Healing Research Foundation 501(c)(3).  

As a nonprofit, all information will be shared with the public freely
to advance collective medical knowledge and gain the acceptance of the professional medical field.

How Sound Works

Initially, the primary focus will be to determine how to approach 
specific diseases physical, including mental and emotional issues, using sound and music.

We will be looking at 4 different levels of vibration:


The main resonant frequency of part of the body or disease.  When any part of the body is healthy it vibrates at its own natural frequency in a stable, consistent vibration — as opposed to a chaotic vibration (such as fear, anxiety, anger, or stress).

2. TIMBRES (Multiple Frequencies)

A combination of frequencies that make up make up a sound. Every part of the body including organs and diseases are also a combination of frequencies.


The musical interval relationship between each of the parts of the body, whether it be two cells, two organs, or two systems.  Even if the frequencies or timbres are different from person to person, we assume that the musical interval relationships will be the same if each person is healthy.


Add time, and you now have frequencies, timbres and intervals changing over time — creating rhythms and melodies.  Every system in the body has energy (electricity, blood, etc.) flowing through it. Smooth flow without blockages is the basis of health in each of the 11 systems within the body.  

The Association will be looking at all 4 of these levels of vibration for every disease. 
We will not only look at whether the frequencies or timbres are coherent,
but how those components contribute to the flow of health.


Sound Approaches

If a frequency or timbre is causing a blockage there are many ways to approach the issue. 
These are several general types of approaches that the Association will initially consider:



Find the natural resonant frequency of health of the part of the body before the issue existed – and vibrate it back into its natural healthy state. Once the part of body is resonating at its natural healthy vibration again, it then receives and transmit the flow of energy (music) through the system that it is a part of. This is focus of the GeneOM project (


Find the frequencies of the disease, play that frequency to it and turn the volume up to explode it. Same technique used in Ultrasound – Find the frequency of kidney stones, turn the volume up to shatter them.


Similar to Vitamin Therapy. Every frequency is a nutrient.  Find what frequencies are missing in the system and get them back into the body to create a balance where energy flows through the system again.



Once we know the frequency and timbre of each part of the body we only need to know the tempo of the rhythm in which the energy (electricity, blood, etc.) flows through the particular system. We can then use electrodes to pulse the particular melody and rhythm through that system in the body – exactly as it did before the issue arose.


Does the part of the body, emotions or brain need more activation or calming?
For example, Anxiety requires calming, while Depression requires activation. 
Certain combinations of frequencies and musical flows are more activating;
Others are more calming.

The Association will begin by researching the dynamics of each disease as understood by the medical field,
and the current approach for dealing with the issue.
MSA will then take this information and use it to determine the best sound and music approach.


Proof of Effectiveness

This website also includes a form for collecting data on the effectiveness of various treatments.  Sound Practitioners can enter the type of instrument or technology use and the severity of issues on a scale of 1-10, before and after the treatment.  The data will be collated to show an average of effectiveness.  For example, over many years we might see something that with over 1000 treatments for depression we clients went from 8.8 to 2 (similar to the results we are currently getting).  

This data will be used to show the effectiveness to both hospitals and the public in order to help bring these treatments into the mainstream.

The Plan

Monthly Meetings – The Association will hold monthly meetings.  Each meeting will ultimately be focused on a specific disease or issue.

Provide a Media Portal for Medical Sound ResearchThe MSA will build alliances and collate a research database of medical sound healing in order to share with the media.

Future Horizons – MSA may also expand into exploring frequencies for healing in Electromagnetics, Light, Color, Geometry and the Quantum field. All research is to be backed up by science in order to gain mainstream acceptance.  The Association may also move into using sound, music and vibration for expanded states of consciousness.

Design Treatment Research Protocols & Safety GuidelinesThe Association will discuss the basis of how to approach each medical issue based on specific vibrational parameters. We will also design safety protocols for each disease, and for fragile individuals.

Integrative Sound Therapy – Even though this is not the main focus of the Association, we will also create guidelines and safety protocols for Integrative Therapy treatments.

Setup a National Sound Therapy Board – The Association will ultimately establish a National Board of Sound Medicine that will publish guidelines for working with sound and vibration within a medical institution. 

Funding Acquisition – The Association will seek funding sources for research projects, which forward the agenda of helping the most people and moving sound medicine into hospitals. Once funding is approved, the Association will collectively determine which projects are the most important and will help the most people.

Medical Sound Association

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The Medical Sound Association
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Disclaimer: None of the information in this website is designed to diagnose or treat any medical issue.  It is simply a forum for discussing and creating research projects on the best ways to use sound and vibration in a medical facility.  The doctors and hospitals will have the final decision as to what is used.