Medical Sound Association

Association dedicated to developing guidelines on how to research Sounds and Vibrations for specific medical issues.

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Our Mission

To Create Medical Treatments with Sound and Vibration that are Effective, Safe, and Affordable with no Side Effects.

About Us

The Association is a group of doctors, sound healers and sound therapists coming together to create treatment protocols and safety guidelines.

The Association is also dedicated to creating data on the effectiveness of different types of treatments to provide a scientific basis for effectiveness. Playing Sound Healing Instruments and Using the Voice are commonly being used in Integrative Therapy Departments and often have profound healing effects, however this is not the primary focus of the Association. This section of the website will be more dynamic as new information is gathered.

The Association is focused on researching and developing specific frequencies, pitches, timbres, musical intervals/chords, and musical flows (rhythms, melodies and chord progressions) as medical treatments for specific issues.

The Plan

Moderate a group of professionals with a common intention of developing treatment protocols and safety guidelines.

The Association will also help develop a National Board of Vibrational Medicine that will publish guidelines for working with sound and vibration within a medical institution. 

The Association will have monthly meeting to identify specific goals and strategies for accomplishing these goals.  

The Association will seek funding sources for specific research projects identified to be of most importance at the time. 

The Association will discuss the basis of how to approach each medical issue based on specific vibrational parameters. 

Medical Sound Association

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How Sound Works

Sound and Vibration works at five different levels of complexity.


Frequecy includes pure tones and pitch. Stable, consistent vibrational frequencies – not chaotic vibrations – are the basis of all sound healing


 Combinations of frequencies or harmonics that make up a tonality of a sound. This may be an instrument, syllable or just more than one frequency.


This is the relationship of one part of the body to another, whether it be two cells, two organs, or two systems.


 Add time, and now you have rhythm and melody. At this level of the hierarchy, it’s all about “smooth flow,” with no blockages — the essence of health in any system in your body.


 The most powerful level in the hierarchy of sound vibration — It is a hologram of each of the 4 levels.

The Medical Sound Association
Part of the Sound Healing Research Foundation
a 510(c)(3) Organization


Disclaimer: None of the information in this website is designed to diagnose or treat any medical issue.  It is simply a forum for discussing and creating research projects on the best ways to use sound and vibration in a medical facility.  The doctors and hospitals will have the final decision as to what is used.